Special Needs Safety Education

On-Location Safety Training

The SAMBULANCE Safety Squad offers group educational safety programming for schools and other community organizations serving individuals with special needs. We modify programming to meet the age and ability of our audience.

When or how do I call 911? Possibly more important: when do I NOT call 911? What can I expect to hear, what will they ask me, how do I respond? These questions and more are answered in our 911 emergency program. Scenarios are presented and individuals are asked to determine how to respond to each of the emergencies presented.

We strive to build alliances between first responders and the special needs community. When available, we bring first responders along with us on our educational visits. Our goals include introducing the audience to the uniforms and job functions of each of these special community members as well as allowing them time to feel the uniforms and ask questions about their jobs.

Our mission includes fostering independence in the special needs community. A portion of this includes equipping them with the knowledge to handle basic first aid situations. The hands on activities we offer include steps on how to handle a variety of first aid scenarios.

A presentation including information on all three programs typically takes around 45 minutes depending on group size. We plan an additional 15 minutes to tour our full size ambulance. Ideal groups range in size from 10-20 students to allow for more hands on experiences. We are able to modify presentations to meet time restrictions or to accommodate larger or smaller groups.