Our Mission


To foster the independence of individuals with special needs through educational programming and safety alliances. The SAMBULANCE travels to special needs schools and organizations to offer complimentary, hands-on programming designed to educate individuals about first responders, 9-1-1 emergencies and basic first aid. Our partnerships with local amusement venues provide sensory friendly events for the special needs community. Prevocational skills are developed in conjunction with these facilities focusing on developing job skills for individuals with special needs.

Since 2011 the SAMBULANCE Safety Squad has delivered the message of personal safety to over 105,436 students!

  • Schools: 69%
  • Community: 29%
  • Events: 13%
  • Scouts: 6%
Sambulance Special Needs Safety Education

The SAMBULANCE Safety Squad has traveled to the regions of Camden, Burlington, Atlantic, Gloucester, Southeast Pennsylvania, Somerset, Middlesex, Monmouth, Bergen, Mercer, Hudson, Ocean and Morris.

Prevocational Skill Building
Thanks to a supportive partnership with DiggerlandUSA, the SAMBULANCE program is expanding its mission to help individuals with special needs gain valuable job-related skills. Beginning in 2018, the park will host a job-skills camp focused on relationships between employees and trainees to build confidence and skills within the special needs community. Opportunities to work in various departments, practice soft-skills, and build resumes are components of this exciting camp experience! Learn more about our Prevocational Skills Camp here.