Job Skill Opportunities

The SAMBULANCE Safety Squad is excited to partner with Sahara Sam’s Oasis and DiggerlandUSA to offer volunteer job opportunities for individuals with special needs. These opportunities take place during our SEAS, Special Evenings at Sam’s and SAND, Special Abilities Nights at DiggerlandUSA events. Volunteer opportunities are designed for individuals with special needs to gain valuable job skills while volunteering in a supported environment.

Individuals will be partnered with trained employees in their choice of three areas to spend approximately 45 minutes assisting in the various skills. This opportunity is for volunteer purposes only and is not a paid position. There is no charge for this opportunity and all participants will receive admission to the park following their experience.

Pre-registration is required. All ability levels are welcome, individuals working on transition skills are encouraged to apply. Spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis and will be limited to allow for one-on-one opportunities. All volunteers must have a guardian on site. Interested individuals should complete registration inquiry form below.

Sambulance Special Needs Safety Education


• Greet customers
• Select buttons on touch screen POS system
• Accept payment and give change
• Hand out wrist bands


• Take order & accept payment using POS system
• Plate cooked food, fill trays, hand to customers
• Wash dishes, wipe down tables

Door Greeter

• Greet guests at door
• Hold door for guests
• Hand out information

2018 DATES:
DiggerlandUSA: April 27, October 5
Sahara Sam’s Oasis: March 9, May 18, November 9

Volunteer Job Skill Opportunities