Special Needs Nights at Deptford Skate

Special Needs Events at Deptford Skating Center offer an opportunity for individuals with special needs of all ages to enjoy a skating adventure and so much more with their family and friends. These unique experiences ensure equal access to all the fun and games!

Special Events at Deptford Skare, of S.E.A.D.S., are designed to help meet the unique challenges of this special population by modifying sensory input and limiting crowds. Admission to the event includes skate rental, FunZone, inflatables, outdoor games, and a pizza buffet!

SEADS Events Feature the Following

  • Reduced volume for overhead music
  • Modified lighting on the 15,000 sq. foot roller rink
  • SkateMate assistive skating device (limited qty.)
  • Quiet room access should the fun become overwhelming
  • Access to both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Limited ticket sales for a pleasant experience

Upcoming Events

Tickets can be purchased in advance through our online store. These events tend to be very popular and it is important we limit attendance for a pleasant experience.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Events at our other partner facilities offer volunteer job skill opportunities for individuals with special needs. To learn more or to register for this exciting opportunity visit the Volunteer Opportunities Page.