Special Needs Nights at Adventure Aquarium

Family Inclusive Special Hours, or F.I.S.H. at  Adventure Aquarium are designed for the special needs community to visit the aquarium in a relaxed setting. Sound and lighting accommodations have been made to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

F.I.S.H. events are offered to the community at a significantly reduced rate and is designed with the unique challenges of individuals with special needs in mind. The goal is to provide a comfortable evening that allows individuals to have fun and network with other families.

FISH Events Feature the Following

  • Limited ticket sales for a less crowded experience
  • Sensory guides to assist in navigating attractions
  • Reduced sensory input from lights, overhead music
  • Resources from area businesses for families
  • Individuals with specific dietary needs have the option to bring their own snack

Upcoming Events

Tickets can be purchased in advance through Adventure Aquarium’s online portal. These events are expected to be very popular and it is important we limit attendance for a pleasant experience.

Know Before You Go

  • Please inquire about specific, individual needs by emailing our special needs coordinator info (at) sambulance.org

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