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We Keep Individuals with Special Needs Safe

We keep individuals with special needs safe by traveling in an actual ambulance to the organizations who need us most; providing hands on education and programming at no charge.

We Produce Safe, Fun, and Exclusive Special Needs Events

We organize, promote, and execute special needs events at entertainment venues to provide exclusive,  judgement free opportunities for individuals with special needs to enjoy with their family and friends.

The SAMBULANCE Safety Squad is a 501(c)3, based out of West Berlin, New Jersey. Programs are offered at no charge to groups in Camden and Burlington counties. However, we travel throughout New Jersey bringing safety education to you!

The SAMBULANCE Safety Squad includes a team of trained teachers and first responders who are dedicated to creating a safer community. Using our full size ambulance and squad car the Safety Squad visits schools and organizations to teach that safety is a shared responsibility.


The “S” in SAMBULANCE stands for both safety and special. Our presentations on safety are designed for a special population. The SAMBULANCE Safety Squad was developed by Ilya Girlya, CEO of Sahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor & Outdoor Water Park. Sahara Sam’s Oasis is a proud financial supporter of the SAMBULANCE program. The squad occasionally parks their full size ambulance outside the park for guests to check out on their way in!

What resources can SAMBULANCE offer?

Learning Activities

Demonstrations and Skits, Hands-on Activities, Discussion Questions, Activity Pages, Ambulance tour.

Is my group a good fit for a SAMBULANCE visit?

The SAMBULANCE Safety Squad offers small or large group programming for schools and other community organizations serving individuals with special needs. We modify programming to meet the age and ability of our audience. View Programming Options

Sambulance Special Needs Safety Education
Sambulance Special Needs Safety Education

Yes – the SAMBULANCE Educational Safety Program covers the following educational standards:

  • New Jersey Comprehensive Health Standards: 2.1 (strands A, D), 2.2 (strands B, E), 2.5 (strand C)
  • New Jersey 21st Century Life & Career Standards: 9.1, 9.3, 9.4L2, 9.4L4
  • Common Core State Standards, English Language Arts: Literacy.CCRA SL1, Literacy.CCRA SL2